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Academic Calendar 2015/2016

The Academic Calendar is the official source of academic information on undergraduate and graduate programs offered at Nipissing University as approved by the Senate of Nipissing University. 

Students wishing to view previous Academic Calendars can do so through the Calendar Archives link on the left hand side.

Undergraduate and Professional Programs of Study

Areas of Study Chart

Regional Campus: Muskoka

Graduate Programs




Important Notice

This Calendar seeks to give students information about the opportunities offered at Nipissing University. While the university makes every reasonable effort to ensure the content of this Calendar is accurate, the University reserves the right to make changes or deletions without notice to students or prospective students, to any of the information contained in this calendar. The University is not liable to anyone that may suffer any loss or damages of any type arising from such changes.

It is the student’s responsibility to make herself or himself aware of the contents of the Calendar. It is understood that students, by the act of registering, agree to abide by all the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the University and of the faculty in which they are registered. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the general information outlined in this Calendar as well as the information pertaining to the faculty in which they are enrolled.

Degree requirements that are in any way modified by Senate in one academic calendar year will normally apply to students admitted the following academic calendar year unless otherwise specified by Senate. Students currently enrolled may choose to graduate under either the new regulations or the previous regulations. However, they must choose one or the other set of regulations in its entirety.

If you require this publication in another format please contact (705) 474-3450, ext. 4517 (Student Recruitment, Secretary)


Nipissing University is an innovator in post-secondary education, preparing caring, creative, critical thinkers who will be leaders in building and enhancing a sustainable civil society.

Nipissing University will give special attention to learners in the North, including First Nations and Aboriginal learners.


Nipissing University will continue to be a university of choice, nationally recognized for its traditional strength in education, and uniquely distinguished by the quality and value of each student’s undergraduate and graduate experience across the disciplines. Through scholarship, innovation and active partnerships, the university will focus on the creation of new knowledge that contributes to success in meeting global needs.


Our motto “Integritas” embraces honesty and good ethical conduct, as well as a holistic, integrated perspective.

We provide a personalized, student-focused educational experience that prepares each individual to make a meaningful and satisfying contribution to the world.

We are committed to excellence in teaching, learning and research through scholarship and creativity that develop powers of inquiry, critical thinking and communication.

We value integrity, empathy, respect, critical analysis, creative thinking, communication, collaboration, invention, insight, innovation, stewardship and action.

We are committed to open, respectful discourse and a collegial, diverse, inclusive, healthy and supportive learning environment.

We welcome all who seek to learn, and encourage those who are willing to invest their time and effort in pursuit of a university education.


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